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Getting Under the Hood of a Great and Good Communications Program

Peterson Rudgers Group is regularly asked to conduct communications and marketing assessments for colleges and universities — often when there is a change in leadership, either at the presidential or vice-presidential level, and leaders want to check in on how well their program is serving a changing set of institutional goals and needs. As part of this work, we look at self-identified peers.

Dave Martel, Vice President for Communications and Chief Marketing Officer, University of Virginia

Time and again, the University of Virginia’s program has stood out as one of the best in the country, whether it’s the creative way they communicate about progress toward the university’s Great and Good strategic plan, their outstanding UVA Today daily newsletter, or a whole array of creative projects and campaigns.

I thought it would be interesting to learn more about how Dave Martel, UVA’s vice president for communications and chief marketing officer, thinks about this work. Dave generously agreed to an interview, and below are highlights of our conversation.

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Higher Ed Response to Immigration Order

Campus leaders are grappling with the effects of Trump’s immigration ban. Many are warning their students, staff and faculty about foreign travel and reinforcing their commitment to a global community of scholars. Here is a sampling of statements from higher education leaders: Continue reading

7 Higher Ed Trends to Prepare for in 2017

Colorful Computer Keyboard with mouse arrow is showing Trends 2017

January is the time when we say good-bye to the previous 12 months and look ahead to the next ones. It’s clear that 2016 was an especially turbulent year for higher education. What’s on tap for 2017? Read our essay in Inside Higher Education on the top trends that college and university leaders should be prepared for in 2017.

Public Higher Education, Under Threat

The Washington Post writes about a new documentary film opening next week in DC titled “Starving the Beast: The Battle to Disrupt and Reform America’s Public Universities.”

This film should spark an interesting debate about the threat to public universities, and what to do about it. Public universities make key contributions that can’t be replicated elsewhere. Just for starters, they educate huge numbers of students compared with private institutions. Although most colleges and universities embrace a public mission in some fashion, these schools are uniquely dedicated to the wellbeing of their cities, states, region and the nation. Leaders across higher education–both public and private–are deeply concerned about the erosion in public investment and assaults on the mission of these very important institutions.

More information about the film, including the video trailer, can be found here. The film’s website also includes a thorough repository of relevant articles, documents and research on this topic.