Higher Ed Response to Immigration Order

Campus leaders are grappling with the effects of Trump’s immigration ban. Many are warning their students, staff and faculty about foreign travel and reinforcing their commitment to a global community of scholars. Here is a sampling of statements from higher education leaders:

Mary Sue Coleman, Association of American Universities

Peter McPherson, Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities

Muriel Howard, American Association of State Colleges and Universities

Petition by Nobel laureates and more than 6,000 academics around the country

Richard M. Locke, Brown University

Satish K. Tripathi, University at Buffalo

Janet Napolitano and Chancellors of the University of California

Subra Suresh, Carnegie Mellon University

Robert J. Zimmer and Daniel Diermeier, University of Chicago

James P. Clements, Clemson University

David A. Greene, Colby College

Hunter R. Rawlings III, Cornell University

Richard Brodhead and Sally Kornbluth, Duke University

Thomas J. Haas, Grand Valley State University

Drew G. Faust, Harvard University

Michael McRobbie, Indiana University

Marty Meehan, University of Massachusetts

Mark Schlissel, University of Michigan

Martin A. Schmidt, Cynthia Barnhart and Maria T. Zuber, MIT

Michael E. Pippenger, Notre Dame University

Amy Gutman, University of Pennsylvania

Eric J. Barron, Penn State University

Patrick Gallagher, University of Pittsburgh

Mitch Daniels, Purdue University

Jane Gatewood, University of Rochester

Marc Tessier-Lavigne, John Etchemendy and Persis Drell, Stanford University

Kim Schatzel, Towson University

Teresa Sullivan and Tom Katsouleas, University of Virginia

Peter Salovey, Benjamin Polak, and Kimberly Goff-Crews, Yale University

Ángel Cabrera at George Mason University retweeted this statement from November. And the University of Chicago wrote an open letter to President Trump that was shared with its campus.

We’ll share more as we receive them, and we welcome you to add to this list. For additional coverage of higher education’s response and public statements, see Inside Higher Ed’s article “Higher Education Leaders Denounce Trump’s Travel Ban” and the Chronicle of Higher Education’s coverage, “Shock, Despair, and Outrage: Academics Condemn Trump’s Immigration Crackdown.”

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