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Getting Under the Hood of a Great and Good Communications Program

Peterson Rudgers Group is regularly asked to conduct communications and marketing assessments for colleges and universities — often when there is a change in leadership, either at the presidential or vice-presidential level, and leaders want to check in on how well their program is serving a changing set of institutional goals and needs. As part of this work, we look at self-identified peers.

Dave Martel, Vice President for Communications and Chief Marketing Officer, University of Virginia

Time and again, the University of Virginia’s program has stood out as one of the best in the country, whether it’s the creative way they communicate about progress toward the university’s Great and Good strategic plan, their outstanding UVA Today daily newsletter, or a whole array of creative projects and campaigns.

I thought it would be interesting to learn more about how Dave Martel, UVA’s vice president for communications and chief marketing officer, thinks about this work. Dave generously agreed to an interview, and below are highlights of our conversation.

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Harnessing Your Own Community

I came across an interesting article in The Atlantic recently, and noted it for further reflection. The story, “Employers Are Looking for ‘Influencers’ within their Own Ranks,” looks at the trend of companies tapping their employees to serve as brand ambassadors and social media influencers. Although the context is for-profit business, the concept is directly relevant to college and university marketing.

Higher ed communications typically focus on external promotion: media placements, enrollment marketing, videos and photos for social media campaigns. When internal communication is considered, it’s usually in the context of a problem: addressing a lack of trust or campus concerns around a specific issue. Rarely has it been a strategic and intentional part of a broader communications program.

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