We’re a Women-Owned Business, and Proud of It

On November 19, Peterson Rudgers Group received word we had waited a long time to hear: We are now certified as a women-owned business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

We had thought about applying four-and-a-half years ago, when we first launched PRG. But the process was burdensome and multi-layered. Who had the time? We were immediately and fully consumed with client work, so we kept putting the task aside. But earlier this year we finally found the wherewithal – with the help of our colleague Diane Brown – to focus on all the paperwork and set the process in motion. The third and final step in the application process was a “site” interview, virtually of course. We expected a great many detailed questions, which indeed we fielded, but what we did not expect was the satisfaction of reflecting on how we built the business, how we do our work, and what we deliver to our clients.

We told the interviewer about the thought partnership we create with our clients. How we work with leadership teams – presidents, executive officers, board members – and how many of them are women leaders with powerful voices and vision. We described our portfolio of services, and reflected that our work in strategic planning, institutional positioning and communications has become ever-more critical as our clients navigate today’s enormous disruptions. We remembered building our business plan over a weekend-long retreat, sitting at the table where I am now writing this blog post. Our goals then and now: to support mission-driven organizations, and to do work that brings us joy.

At one point, the interviewer asked us why we wanted the women-owned business certification. “That one’s easy,” I said. “Because we’re proud of the fact.”

There is another reflection worthy of note, too. In January of this year we brought on our third partner, Steve Kloehn. Steve is incredibly talented and thoughtful, and his support of us as women leaders –and of the women who lead so many of our client institutions—is never lost on us. We are delighted to be his colleagues in the journey we are on together.

We are grateful to all those who have helped us build our business, and who contribute to its ongoing success.

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