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Are You A Human?

“Are You A Human” is the name of a company based in Detroit that designs technology to help ensure internet security. The question, though, is important for today’s leaders. We want to know our leaders are humans, too, capable of empathy and worthy of trust. I was thinking of this recently when President Obama released his summer playlist, giving us a light-hearted glimpse into his personal tastes in a humanizing way.

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Reflections on Grit

Image for blog on gritEffort counts twice. So says MacArthur Fellow and psychology professor Angela Duckworth in her thoughtful book called Grit. Duckworth studies what it takes to be successful and argues that passion and perseverance – not talent alone, or even primarily – are the critical factors in determining success: whether you are a new candidate at West Point, a scholar, a writer, a potter or a CEO.

“When you consider individuals in identical circumstances, what each achieves depends on just two things, talent and effort. Talent – how fast we improve in skill – absolutely matters. But effort factors into the calculation twice, not once. Effort builds skill. At the very same time, effort makes skill productive.” Continue reading