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Dealing with Difficult People

Image for blog on dealing with difficult peopleI once attended a workshop on dealing with difficult people. Right before lunch, the trainer had us list all the things difficult people do. After lunch, we listed everything we find ourselves doing when confronted with a difficult person. The big reveal: the lists were identical! Turns out that difficult people bring out the worst in us, and in response our negative energy makes them even more difficult. It is a spiraling contest that no one wins.

Here are a few approaches I’ve found work really well to get out of the spiral and lead to a positive outcome. Continue reading

Making Communication Personal

Social and digital media have given leaders and institutions more ways to communicate with their important audiences than at any other point in history. Yet, ironically, these tools have made communication less effective in many respects.

The reason is twofold. First, the volume of information coming at people creates “noise,” which means any individual communication is less likely to break through and be heard. (Unless, of course, your tweet, photo or video goes “viral” and is seen and heard by the entire universe. While viral communications can be positive, often for education and nonprofit leaders they are not.) Continue reading