College and University Reactions to Charlottesville Attacks

Higher education leaders reacted swiftly to the display of racism, bigotry and hatred in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. As a resource, we offer below a sampling of statements by presidents, chancellors and provosts.

Biddy Martin, Amherst College

Sian Leah Beilock and Linda Bell, Barnard College

Linda A. Livingstone, Baylor University

Martha E. Pollack, Cornell University

Claire E. Sterk, Emory University

Ángel Cabrera, George Mason University

Janet Napolitano, University of California System

Farnam Jahanian, Carnegie Mellon University

Robert J. Zimmer, University of Chicago

Martha E. Pollack, Cornell University

Vincent E. Price, Duke University

President Price’s follow-up on removal of Robert E. Lee statue

Wayne A.I. Frederick, Howard University

Presidents of three Iowa public universities

Mark Schlissel, University of Michigan

Multiple University of Missouri Leaders

Rafael L. Reif, MIT

Sonya Stephens, Mount Holyoke College

Morton Schapiro and Jonathan Holloway, Northwestern University

Michael H. Schill, University of Oregon

Eric J. Barron, Penn State University

Amy Gutmann, University of Pennsylvania

Kathleen McCartney, Smith College

Lonnie Bunch, Smithsonian’s African American History Museum

Samuel L. Stanley, Jr., Stony Brook University

Gregory L. Fenves, University of Texas at Austin

Kim Schatzel, Towson University

Ana Marie Cauce, University of Washington

Peter Salovey, Yale University

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