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6 Good Reasons to Commission Communications Assessments

When my partner and I are hired to provide external assessments for college and universities, we are asked to offer objective perspective on in-house organizational structures, expenditures and effectiveness –based on our many years of experience and knowledge of the industry.

It’s a good idea, and here’s why:

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Communicating in an Age of Anxiety

Leaders across higher education have had a daunting task since the presidential election: How do you help your community navigate through deep anxiety, polarized views, acts of bigotry and, in some cases, physical threats?

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By the Numbers: Advertising Local Impact

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has taken a creative approach to building public support for its budget request, launching an advertising campaign to promote the contributions of its alumni across Wisconsin’s 72 counties. If executed well this can be a smart approach, and I’ve seen it work for other institutions.

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